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Write a Batch File That Will Start Several Syncs Simultaneously

This is for folks who are copying and backing up entire drives or servers. You are the folks that feel the need for speed. Or the need to go home and sleep during the copying.
The gist of the process is:
  1. 1.
    Write some two line Beyond Compare scripts, one script per every file copying session you desire.
  2. 2.
    Write a single batch/shell script that simply calls all of your scripts from #1 above
  3. 3.
    Give a command in the terminal to start #2 above.

Step One

Write and save five separate scripts: one script for each of the five syncs you want to simultaneously fire up. The general syntax of the first line will be LOAD pathname1 pathname2. The syntax in Windows will look like this:
load C:\Users\egenest\ohio\test_1 "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\empty-lonely-place"
sync mirror:left->right
(save as one.bc)
load "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\folder COMPARE" "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\empty-lonely-place"
sync mirror:left->right
(save as two.bc)
load C:\Users\egenest\ohio\scOOOtr "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\empty-lonely-place"
sync mirror:left->right
(save as three.bc)
load "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\PEDAGOGYtest - Shortcut (2).lnk" "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\empty-lonely-place"
sync mirror:left->right
(save as four.bc)
load C:\Users\egenest\ohio\test_1 "C:\Users\egenest\ohio\empty-lonely-place"
sync mirror:left->right
(save as five.bc)

Step Two

Write one batch file that calls all of your little two line scripts from Step 1:
start BComp.exe /solo @one.bc start BComp.exe /solo @two.bc start BComp.exe /solo @three.bc start BComp.exe /solo @four.bc start BComp.exe /solo @five.bc (save as fiveFiles.bat)

Step Three

In Windows, type and enter this at the command line:
You should see five sessions of BC start up. That's it; now just wait, maybe for several hours, while your files get copied.