Minor Edge Cases

These are things I need once a year. By bothering to list them here I am guaranteeing that I will never encounter them again, probably. That's fine too.

How to look at minified code?

If you have a single line of text that is 50,000 chars long, BC will have trouble applying its grammar and RegEx rules until you increase the line length of the display. Format-Button: Conversion->CharactersPerLine[60,000...]

How to set the display to use the colors from an oil painting?

I am a lousy colorist but I like rich color. Plus I'm colorblind so I need something more bold than the default pinks in Beyond Compare. I found an Elaine de Kooning painting on DuckDuckGo images, pointed the Mac colorpicker at it, and used the colors as my settings. Those are the colors in most of my screenshots here. If you want my colors, or want to improve my colors, download this file and then in Beyond Compare choose: Tools->ImportSettings. Then tweek them at Tools->Preferences->Colors.

To Do:

Git Diff two versions of a css stylesheet

folder sync scheduled backup

folder sync to a server with ssh keys

folder sync I've made a mess of my backups

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