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I'm colorbind, so in Beyond Compare's settings, I long ago changed the pastel pinks and blues to something more high-contrast. You might call it ketchup and mustard but I color-picked it from an abstract oil painting by Elaine de Kooning.
Below are two screens in the default BC colors and then two screens with my high contrast scheme.

How to set your colors

Method 1: Use mine: (1) download the file below (2) Tools->ImportSettings (3) browse to where you saved my color file.
Method 2: Roll your own. (1)search DuckDuckGo images for a nice image. Try searching "logo" or "color pallete" or "tartan". Then bring in the RGB codes using your own color picker tool and this part of the menu: Tools->Options->Colors.
Don't have a color picker? Find the RGB values using the built in pixel analyzer in Beyond Compare PictureCompare!