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How to compare two commits, both old, in Git
    View the history of your versions $ git log
    Make sure you have told Git that Beyond Compare is your pal. See "Git for Linux" in the Scooter docs.
    Copy and paste the version numbers (the first 6 or 7 digits is enough I think). $ git difftool 9f41f8f57199eaffd7 03853a83de4d56a2
    Blue shows different-but-unimportant. In this case, BC has detected the language (Javascript). In the settings, we have "comment lines and blank lines are unimportant". So BC turns the blank lines and comments blue if they are in one file but not another.
    Red shows important differences. All differences are important unless we or the grammar rules label them otherwise (see 4).
Last modified 2yr ago
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